Unexpected Blooms is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to positively affect the emotional wellbeing of our community by delivering repurposed and recycled flowers to create smiles and spread joy to individuals in healthcare facilities throughout KC.


What we do

Flowers are generously donated from weddings, memorial services, charity, corporate and private events, grocers, wholesale and retail florists.  Our volunteers recut, refresh and reuse those flowers to create beautiful bouquets that we deliver to brighten someone's day.   We work hand-in-hand with healthcare, hospice, senior resident and social service communities throughout our city to touch people's lives.  

Why we do it

We believe that a simple act of kindness can truly make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Sharing kindness and spreading joy strengthens our community and according to behavioral research conducted at Rutger, Kansas State University, The State University of New Jersey and others, flowers improve both physical and emotional health. 


“You delivered a beautiful bouquet to my mother’s room. I spent that weekend with her there until she died. Thank you so much for the unexpected pleasure. She loved flowers, was an avid gardener, and made her summer flowers fill her house. Thank you so much for that joy at the end.”
— Katherine C. - Daughter
“I recently received one of your bouquets. The flowers are exquisite and were such an unexpected day booster on a gloomy, grey winter afternoon. Your ministry is so unique and thoughtful! Thank you so much for making me feel special and loved. I am thrilled and forever in your debt! You are wonderful!”
— Candace L., Sr. Care Community Resident
“I’ve seen people smile today that I’ve never seen smile before.”
— Alayne W. - Sr. Living Community Staff